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Temporary closure of our Advocacy Service Waiting Lists

We’ve had to take the very difficult decision to close our advocacy service to new referrals. If you’re already on the advocacy waiting list, you will remain on the list. If you’ve any concerns or questions about your advocacy referral, please contact us on advocacy@ercc.scot

If you’ve experienced a rape or sexual assault within the last 14 days and would like support around reporting to the police, please let us know as the advocacy service is still open to support survivors of recent incidents.

All our other services remain open to new referrals. 

Who We Support And Our Services

We respect the courage and strength it takes to speak out about your experience whether it has been a recent assault or it happened a long time ago. When you contact us we will get in touch with you and talk through what support we offer and offer you an initial appointment. 

Our specialist trauma-informed support services are open to all survivors aged 12 and over, who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives, by abusers of any gender. This includes rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation.

We also provide support to family, friends and partners and agency workers who are in a supportive role.

We will listen, believe all survivors aged 12 and over, of any: race; ethnicity; age; sexual orientation; disability; gender identity (and non-binary people); class/social status; immigration status; religious and cultural background.

If English is not you your first language we can arrange for an interpreter. If you are Deaf or hard of hearing we can provide support via email. We can also arrange for a British Sign Language or signed English interpreter. There are two steps to our building and we have a portable ramp to facilitate wheelchair access available by request.

Please note, we do not have the space for drop-in’s and support is only offered by appointment.

Covid-19 and face-to-face support

Read the latest information about our face-to-face support and Covid-19 here.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and non-binary (LGBTI+) people may experience negative attitudes in society and prejudice, and have concerns about public revelation of their sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status. Our staff have been fully trained to be sensitive, informed and respectful in all our spaces through specialist awareness raising training.

Our service is open to anyone who self identifies as a woman, trans woman, trans man or non-binary person. We offer a person-centred service to all survivors who use our service. Read ERCC’s Trans Inclusion Statement here.

In 2020 we were awarded the LGBT Scotland Gold Charter Mark in recognition of our work to make ERCC a LGBTI+ inclusive organisation and reduce barriers to our service.


All our support services are free and we offer appointments on weekdays up to 7pm. What you tell us remains confidential within our support team. We will not tell anyone that you have contacted us, unless you want us to. However, there are some circumstances when we are required by law to share information (please see our safeguarding page for further information).


>> Recent rape or sexual assault

>> One-to-one support

>> Advocacy service

>> STAR project for young survivors aged 12 – 18

>> Student Survivors project

>>  SIA project – survivors from black and minority ethnic backgrounds

>> Outreach in East Lothian and Midlothian

>> Group support

>> Alcohol counselling

>> Family, friends and partners

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