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what is art therapy?

Art therapy uses the creative process of art making, such as drawing, painting, clay modelling and collage to explore and communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas. It can help a person to make sense of their experiences, communicate their feelings, and take an active part in their own healing process.

what happens during art therapy?

Art therapy takes place in a safe and private space, where you will be encouraged to use the art materials provided to explore your thoughts and feelings in the presence of the art therapist. Sometimes this can be a challenging experience, and at other times it can be playful and fun. After the art making, you may wish to talk about your experience and art work. Sessions last up to an hour and take place once a week, on a one-to-one basis.

do i have to be good at art?

In art therapy, it is the process of making art that is important, and not how good the art work looks. Anyone can benefit from art therapy. It is not necessary to have any previous experience or skills in art.

why use art?

Art offers a way of expressing feelings, thoughts and memories in ways that words cannot. The experience of drawing, painting and constructing in the presence of an art therapist can help to communicate difficult issues, relieve painful feelings, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as open up opportunities for growth. Art making has been known to improve a person’s general well-being, increase their self-esteem, and also help with the healing of difficult experiences, including trauma.

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