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I remember;
Long Ago
I was told
That the roots of a Tree
Will not Grow
Without the fierceness of the Wind,
Pushing against it,
So that it holds on;

So when I felt,
That I could not hold myself
In my own skin.
When it was too painful to listen
To the voice within.

I listened
To the Sound of
All the women
Like waves in the Sea.

And their stories would heal me,
For their scars echoed my own;
And shone
In the dark
A divine spark;
Which was:
Life is worth living;
When we are sharing.

And that this is safe.
Not all exchange
Is Rape.
It is about the Sacred balance within
Of listening
And respecting,
One another.
As we have the courage to show
How much we can grow
And flow


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