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The ‘R’ Word

Rape! A simple four-letter word, right?

Well, not for all…

It rips through some people
like a punch in the gut, or a stab in the heart.
All of a sudden, you hear the ‘R’ word
it stops you in your tracks
and you’re right back
to the day or night that tore your life apart.

For most, it’s hard to understand
what impact it has, the shame, the sorrow, the anger,
the fear, anxiety and isolation are always so near
it consumes every moment of your day and night
from the flashbacks to the nightmares that wake you with fright.

You feel so alone it’s like you’re dying inside,
but you admit defeat and pretend that everything’s alright.
You smile and laugh with your family and friends
but they have no idea what is going on in your head.

You hear on the news that someone’s been raped
Oh wow! They must have been brave to report the attack
why can’t I be brave like that?

You need to reach out, you need to get help,
says the thoughts that swirl around in your head.
But the shame keeps you quiet and locked in the pain
overpowered by fear that you are to blame.
You quietly wonder who you can trust:

who would believe me? They will think I am nuts!
It’s so overwhelming you don’t know where to start,
it would be easier just to sit alone in the dark.

One day you wake up and can’t deal with the pain
you know you need to talk so you don’t go insane.
Do you put your trust in someone you know, or a
stranger who knows how to help you grow?

You are brave, you are strong, you have been through the worst.
You deserve to be loved and realise your self-worth.
It’s OK to need help, please don’t do this alone.
There are people to help you, this I definitely know.

You were raped, you were raped,
this was not your fault.
You can feel so much stronger than ever before.
You will learn to put it behind you and open a new door.

Rape! Is it still a simple four-letter word?


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