Rape Crisis Scotland helpline (5pm-midnight)
08088 01 03 02


What you tell us remains confidential within our support team. We will not give anyone any information about you. We will not tell anyone that you are being supported, unless you want us to – for example, if at a later date you decide you want to report your rape or abuse to the police. Then, if you want us to, we can inform them that you have contacted us.

However, the only exception to our confidentiality policy is if a disclosure is made that indicates a child, young person or vulnerable adult may be at risk of harm or is being harmed. We are then required by law to share information with other agencies. A support worker will always discuss this with you first and if you want us to we will support you throughout the process.

If you need more information on our confidentiality policy, contact us or speak to your support worker.

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