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Long-term support

Long-term support is 16 weekly or fortnightly, 50 minute support sessions, with the same support worker. This is your time where you will be believed and supported. We will provide you with a safe and confidential space.

The sessions offered are weekly. However, it is also possible to arrange with your support worker to have fortnightly sessions.


If you are sick or cannot attend your appointment we ask that you phone at the earliest opportunity to let us know.  Please call us on 0131 556 9437 and leave a message giving your full name, date and time of your appointment and your support worker’s name. You can also email: support@ercc.scot. This might allow your support worker to offer an appointment to someone else waiting. If you do phone or email in advance to cancel we can then add an extra appointment at the end, up to a total of 3 sessions.

waiting time for long term support

To help us minimise the waiting time for our long-term support service, we temporarily close our long-term waiting list for brief periods if it reaches more than 20 survivors waiting. This is because we only have the resources and capacity to meet this level of need at any one time. Information about temporary closures to our waiting list will be updated on our Facebook page and website.

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