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Yip, they couldn’t believe I had a voice.
My own opinion.
Oh, how everything was kept locked inside me.
Can’t express how I truly feel.
Don’t want to offend anyone. But hey it’s
K to offend me though.
Not fair play, I would say.
She’s mad, she’s crazy, she’s nuts. What for?
For just having your own opinion.
Funny how our minds can become prisons.
Feel free, be free.
Who am I, what is my purpose in life?
I envy people going about their own lives,
but remember they could be their own
prisoners too. Who knows what goes on in everyone’s mind?
Who knows?
It’s hard having a voice, not used to it.
How do you use it? A good question indeed.
‘Help, I feel I am drowning,’ would go around in my head.
No one listening to how I felt.
How dare she feel terrible, they think.
How do I start to have a voice, how do you do it?
Changing a lifetime of pleasing people.
Try not to repeat it but it’s so ingrained
in your bones. How do you stop?
It’s a riot here in my head.

Carol x

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