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There is love for you.

Yes, it’s unthinkable
But it’s definitely true.
I know something
Of what you’re going through.
We may walk different paths,
I’ve had to journey too
So, I know you’ve got the strength
You can do this
You will pull through.

I send it out unspoken
So you probably won’t feel it,
You’ll be busy healing
Fixing what’s been broken.
I hope you can believe it
And hold on to the notion
That amongst the commotion
Somewhere I am rooting
For your swift recovery
And your self-discovery
For your success and happiness
And your ideal justice.
If you can remember my doting,
My positivity and hoping,
That we’ll all make it through
And see ourselves anew
Unacquainted but not strangers
Separate yet together
Navigating the dangers
We’ll be each other’s angels.
You’ll rescue yourself
And find better health
All without my help
You’ll make it through.

So, on your darkest days
Remember, there’s a place
In me that’s been saved,
A safe and sacred space
For you, our brothers and sisters.
By my will it’ll uplift us!
Through blackness it’ll sift
To your lonely island it’ll drift
My love is a gift
With no preconditions
Because it is my mission
To speak up and to listen,
To send out shared wisdom,
To understand and to lessen
The burden that you carry
So that you can carry on
Knowing you’re not alone.
You’re perfectly imperfect
And you’ve already grown.

So please pay no attention
To others’ points of view
You are the only one
That knows your truth.
These paths we walk will end
But our journeys will continue.
You’ve already made it through,
My friend,
By just being you.


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