Rape Crisis Scotland helpline (6pm-midnight):
08088 01 03 02 or text: 07537 410 027

How do the sessions work?

At the start of your support, you can let your worker know if you have something specific that you would like talk about or work on.

Sometimes it can feel too much and you may be unsure about where to start. You can work together with your counselling support worker to explore what will be most helpful for you. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. What is important that it feels right for you.

Taking the first steps

It may feel very difficult to talk about what happened and you may be worried about not being believed or even talking about it. However, it can also be very hard to forget what has happened or ignore how you are feeling no matter how much you try.

As part of the first few steps, breaking the silence and talking about your thoughts and feelings can be helpful. It may feel difficult and painful at first but it can help to talk to someone.


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