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Sexual violence changes lives – and so do we. We provide a vital support and information service for survivors of sexual violence. We work to empower survivors and we need your help to continue to our life changing service. 

As a small charity we’re very grateful to receive your support. Donations go directly towards the costs of delivering all our support and information services.

You can donate

>> Online and securely on our JustGiving page: www.justgiving.com/ercc.
>> For free by fundraising in aid of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre or by being sponsored for an event. You can create your sponsorship at: www.justgiving.com/ercc

All our support and information services are free and any contribution you can make will help us to keep supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

‘It wasn’t until I started seeing the support workers that I felt I was being heard and believed for the first time. They gave me the hope and the courage to look forward to the future I thought I’d never see.’

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