Rape Crisis Scotland helpline: 08088 01 03 02

Advocacy service

Our advocacy service offers support to survivors who are considering engaging, or have engaged, with the criminal justice system following an experience of sexual violence that has happened at any time in your life.

If you are considering speaking to the police, or have already reported, you can have support from our advocacy service. Our dedicated advocacy service can offer advice, information and support before, during and after: reporting to the police; police investigation; the court process. You can contact the advocacy service whether or not you have received support from the centre before.

How do I contact the advocacy support service?

To make a referral or an appointment with our advocacy service please call Rape Crisis Scotland’s national helpline on 08088 010302 (freephone, 6pm – midnight every day).  Or you can email our support service on: support@ercc.scot.  When you contact us we will aim to offer you an appointment as soon as possible within office hours.


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