Rape Crisis Scotland helpline (5pm-midnight)
08088 01 03 02

Email support

We understand that some people have difficulty talking over the phone and it is common to feel uncomfortable speaking about your experience of sexual violence. You can access support via email if that is better for you.

Our dedicated support email is: support@ercc.scot. You’ll receive an automatic response to your email on the day it is sent and a fuller reply thereafter. We check it weekdays and aim to reply within a few days.

Some spam filters can prevent emails from us being delivered if they think the content is abusive e.g. if they contain sexual words so please check your email’s spam or junk folder as occasionally our replies will go in there. 

If you’ve problems receiving a reply please feel free to contact us again or leave a message on our call back phone: 0131 556 9437 or you can contact us on our support service mobile: 07966 067 301. Please let us know if it is okay for us to call you, and if so whether it is okay for us identify who we are or leave a message. Otherwise, we won’t  leave a message if we can’t get in touch with you.

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