Rape Crisis Scotland helpline (5pm-midnight)
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Appointments and referrals

To make or cancel an appointment, or to make a referral, text our service mobile on 07966 067 301 or call our call back phone on 0131 556 9437 and leave a message for us. Please leave your contact details such as your mobile number or email address for us to contact you on. Calls won’t be answered but we check this each working day.

You can also contact us via our secure webform and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can use the form to refer someone else.  Please ensure that the person you are referring has agreed for you to pass their details to us.

Rape Crisis Scotland’s helpline 

For phone support today, you can call Rape Crisis Scotland’s national helpline on 08088 010302 (freephone, 5pm – midnight every day) or text: 07537 410 027 (6pm – midnight). They offer a Deaf access service every Tuesday 1.30pm – 5pm. On Mondays and Thursdays they also offer a LGBTI specific service from 7pm to midnight.

Email support

If you’d like to email our support service about making an appointment or referral please email support@ercc.scot. You’ll receive an automatic response to your email on the day it is sent and a fuller reply thereafter.

Some spam filters can prevent emails from us being delivered if they think the content is abusive e.g. if they contain sexual words so please check your email’s spam or junk folder as occasionally our replies will go in there.

If you’ve problems receiving a reply please feel free to contact us again or leave a message on our call back phone: 0131 556 9437 or you can text our support service mobile: 07966 067 301. Please let us know if it is okay for us to call you, and if so whether it is okay for us identify who we are or leave a message. Otherwise, we won’t  leave a message if we can’t get in touch with you.

Advocacy service

Email advocacy@ercc.scot

Outreach in East Lothian (ELSAS)

Email elsas@ercc.scot

Outreach in Midlothian (MSAS)

Email msas@ercc.scot

SIA project

Email SIA@ercc.scot

Student Survivors Project

Email  studentsurvivors@ercc.scot

STAR project for young people aged 12-18

Email star@ercc.scot


Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre
17 Claremont Crescent
Edinburgh EH7 4HX (view directions)

Office number for business only 0131 557 6737 or email info@ercc.scot (general enquiries)

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