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Anger’s Anthem

I’m angry because of the fact I was raped

I’m angry justice was something they escaped

I’m angry at trauma recovery’s supposed sell-by date

I’m angry at people disallowing my right to hate

The people that commit these crimes with no thought for others

I’m angry there aren’t more demanding safety

for our sisters, friends and mothers

I’m angry that when boys and men are assaulted,

they think they should keep quiet

Afraid that if they speak up, their attacker will deny it

Not to mention the attitudes that many victims face

I’m angry that shame and victim-blame are still so commonplace

I’m angry that far too many people remain perplexed

By the concept of 100% consensual sex

I’m angry the law requires two pieces of evidence

To prove such a crime occurred

It seems it’s not enough for it to be noted in your words

I’m angry sexual harassment and assault are downplayed

As ‘one of those things’ instead of something depraved

I’m angry that historic abuse is often met with disbelief

As though the assailant’s reputation matters more than victims’ grief

I’m angry those who report feel as though they’re on trial

Only for their statement to gather dust in a forgotten police file

I’m angry that investigations are beset by gaps of silence and delays

With victims having to chase officers for updates on their case

I’m angry many complainants are let down in court

Based on the physical evidence coming up short

I’m angry that the perpetrators are so easily excused

Rarely held accountable for the suffering of those they abused

How many marches, protests and online campaigns will it take?

Before the criminal justice system gets a thorough shake?

I’m angry that I don’t remember what I was like before

I’m angry that smiling still sometimes feels like a chore

But those days now spread few and far between

My anger made me determined to take me back for me.

Lottie Quirk

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